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Centre for Mohiniyattam is perhaps the only institution of its kind in India, which is exclusively devoted to the cause of Mohiniyattam, the exquisitely graceful dance-form of Kerala. Established in Delhi in 1995, with a branch in Kerala, its activities involve research, training, documentation and propagation of Mohiniyattam.


104, Bhaktawar Singh Block,
Asian Games Village
New Delhi 110 049

6-390, Bank Road
Calicut 673001


Over the years through its innumerable presentations, it has played a significant role in not only initiating and kindling interest in audiences both within and outside the country but has also added a refreshing dimension to Mohiniyattam. This has also inspired the younger generation to take-up the cause of Mohiniyattam and pursue it seriously.

The approach to Mohiniyattam has been to understand and underline its quintessential feminine spirit, yet not limiting itself to the mere academic aspect but translating into performances which are predominantly research-oriented.


This has entailed perceiving Mohiniyattam against its regional backdrop, studying the interrelationship between the indigenous art-forms of Kerala - be it dance, music, sculpture or literary traditions and eventually incorporating these regional elements to enrich Mohiniyattam.



Besides solo performances, it was perhaps for the first time that group choreographies were attempted and presented successfully in Mohiniyattam, thereby giving it a completely new dimension.


Be it   'Chandrotsavam', one of the earliest productions, inspired from the golden era of  Manipravalam literature in the 16th century highlighting the literary tradition, or 'Deva-Geeta'  based on Jayadeva's Geeta-Govind, celebrating the divine-love of Radha and Krishna, highlighting the musical tradition or 'Rig-Veda'   inspired from the Vedic scriptures, they all added in giving a much needed new lease of life to this dance-form.

Besides these there have been several other new choreographies which have been inspired from the folk legends of Kerala exploring the other rasas besides sringara rasa. Productions like "Aadira" and "Unniarcha" have been steps in this direction.

The relentless efforts of Padmashri Smt. Bharati Shivaji, the founder-director of the Center for Mohiniyattam has ensured that today Mohiniyattam has not only come to be acknowledged as one of the major classical dance-forms of India but has been firmly ensconced in the world map.

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